Data for PoliMapper can come from a variety of sources, ranging from publicly available to the results of surveys and investigations.

Here are the principle sources:

Freedom of Information Requests

A number of our clients have undertaken Freedom of Information Requests to obtain data from local authorities and other public bodies. This is a laborious process, but can provide unique insights and data not available elsewhere.

Publicly available data

There are a number of publicly available data sources, though they are stronger in some topic areas - such as health, crime and employment - than others.

The Office for National Statistics provides a number of regular data survey - the most obvious of which would be the monthly unemployment figures. The full datasets are often provided in different breakdowns, such as by local authority or constituency, and can be downloaded into Excel, which means they can be uploaded to PoliMapper.

The House of Commons library is another source of data on a wide range of topics, which can be useful both as primary data and for benchmarking your research against.

Corporate and membership data

Companies and trade associations have data related to their business or industry, which can make for interesting maps. For example many large retail related businesses will have a presence in most local authorities and parliamentary constituencies, and thus information on how many staff they employ and their economic contribution.

Companies such as Oxford Economics can research and compile data on the economic contribution of an industry, and have done for a number of our clients.