PoliMapper was created in response to encountering regular demand for map-style infographics.

Our parent company, Senate Media, makes animations and visual content, typically aimed at a political or policy focused audience - and often targeted at political stakeholders, especially MPs.

By 2015 we had been going a couple of years and realised we were regularly being asked to produce an infographic displaying different stats for each parliamentary constituency. Now, I don't know whether you've ever tried creating a map divided into 650 constituencies that neatly conveys data about each constituency and fits on a single sheet of A4, but it's not an easy task.

And the user experience is poor.

Thus the idea of creating an interactive map came about. Not only can an interactive map display an item of data about each constituency neatly on a separate page, it can display several items of data and thus be a perfect tool for updating a policymaker about an issue in their area.

But why create an interactive map once for one client, and then rethink it for the next client, we said? Why not instead create a platform that is flexible, that can cater for many different types of data but that has a bespoke, customisable feel and be set up in a matter of minutes.

Thus PoliMapper was born.

And not being ones to shy away from a challenge, we built the platform and debuted the maps in time for our first client to use them on their stands at the 2015 party conferences, to MPs, councillors and party members.

Since then we have added new map templates as new use cases have come to light, and refined and developed the product including the launch of a new mobile friendly version last September.

Find out how PoliMapper can help you change the way you have conversations with political stakeholders.