UK regions

While the number, names and boundaries of the English regions have shifted over time, the current nine that are used for statistical purposes are: North East; North West; Yorkshire and the Humber; East Midlands; West Midlands; East of England; London; South East; and South West. These regions also form constituencies for the elections of MEPs to the European Parliament.  

The nine English regions are combined with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to make up a total of 12 UK regions.

Mapping by region

If you are providing data to politicians in Brussels, or looking at how a piece of EU legislation affects England, this is the best kind of map to use as the regions are part of the EU’s standard geocode. 

Segmenting data according to region has been common practice since the 1940s, meaning you may also find opportunities to make comparisons with historical data. 

PoliMapper UK regional maps

PoliMapper has a UK regional map template. Check out the examples below:


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