PoliMapper is a powerful tool that can be used to provide insightful geographically relevant data in a variety of circumstances.

Uses for the tool include:

At Parliamentary receptions

Loaded onto tablet computers and Ipads, PoliMapper can be used to show MPs and their researchers information about their constituencies.

At party conferences

As above, PoliMapper clients have used it on tablet computers on their exhibition stands at party conferences to show delegates, ranging from party members, to councillors to MPs information about their area.

In meetings

PoliMapper can also save you time preparing for meetings with political stakeholders and their employees by enabling you to present customised data for their area at the touch of a button.

Online and social media

PoliMapper is also used as a tool for supporters, other stakeholders and the wider public. It can be incorporated into or linked from your website, and promoted via social media. Because it is mobile friendly it looks equally as good in the office and on the move.