Parliamentary constituencies

There are currently 650 parliamentary constituencies in the UK, each of which is represented by a Member of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons.

Constituency boundaries are reviewed by four Boundary Commissions (one each for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

The commissions make regular reports, usually once every five years, recommending any revisions that may be necessary – for example because of population change or alterations in local government boundaries. These must be agreed by both Houses of Parliament.

Mapping by parliamentary constituency

Mapping data by constituency is perfect for charities, think tanks and other public affairs organisations looking to gain attention at Westminster.

PoliMapper allows you to highlight to an MP how an issue is affecting their constituency, and how their area compares with the rest of the nation. Clients use their maps at parliamentary receptions, party conferences and digital campaigns.

Or you could use a constituency map to present election or referendum voting data visually.

PoliMapper parliamentary constituency maps

Our parliamentary constituency map was the first map template we created. Check out the examples below:


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